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we're all just songs in the end,

if we're lucky.

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Stylesheet by unreal at mintyapple
aesthetically pleasing writing, amber heard, asoiaf, associating songs with people, avoiding-the-four-word-interest-limit-with-hyphens, being uncomfortably energetic, black and white photography, cate blanchett, cherry flavored anything, collecting dvds, constantly updating my userpics, cute text messages, digital cameras, dream casting books, driving barefooted, eating ice cream, eva green, faking an english accent, fangirling like whoa, fangirling over real people, getting manicures/pedicures, getting what i want, gillian anderson, harry potter series, having girl crushes, hugging my loved ones, jason momoa, jessica chastain, jodie foster, kelly reilly, kissing, laughing for no reason, linda cardellini, looking for peanut m&ms, love/hate relationships, lyrical writing, making sad fanmixes, making somebody's day, maybe there's hope, meryl streep, michelle dockery, miranda otto, mis-setting my alarm clock, observing people's traits, outrageous or obnoxious gifs, peter gallagher, photoshop, presents (giving/receiving), quoting song lyrics, quoting-tv-and-film-in-everyday-conversation, ray-ban wayfarers, reading for hours straight, reading good fanfiction, rediscovering music, ridiculously huge icon posts, sally hawkins, sarcasm's like breathing, shipping real people, sidse babett knudsen, sleepovers, smiling, snuggling, soundtracks, straight rows of trees, swimming at night, the simple things, the smell of sharpies, tom hiddleston, tumblr.com, unconventional couples, underrated actors and actresses, unlimited texting, urbandictionary.com, watching various tv shows, weekly movie nights, winona ryder, youtube.com

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